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SPP Industrial Rubber Company Limited.,  A manufacturer of spare parts for all kinds of rubber machinery manufacturing industry, such as O-.RING,  SEAL,  GASKET,  VACUUM, V-PACKING, DIAPHRAGM,  etc. according to the nature and properties of the rubber types such as heat, pressure, friction, shock resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and so on to suit. use of each industry.

There are all kinds of plastic injection molding. The celluloid molding for food and supplies. And to do all kinds of other rubber products. With modern machinery. The cost of production for more than 40 years of experience.

We are simply giving you an alternative. We are ready to offer quality products. And it is satisfactory to you. With a team of experts ready to advise and guide you to the full. At the right price.

Randomly selected SPP Industrial Rubber products. The service is quick and on-time delivery of products SPP Industrial Rubber tires are standard for product quality, safety and durability appropriate to the nature of the work.

“Customer satisfaction is very important. We aim to develop, manufacture and service. Continued cooperation of all concerned personnel in conjunction with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001: 2008 “.