About Us

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SPP Industrial Rubber Company Limited. was established in a long year since 1974 with a long experience. Our company is located in Thailand. We specialize in the spare parts made from natural rubber latex which is property by John K. engineering plastic and stainless steel or aluminum.

Various types of materials are required to make up a product and appropriate methods are used to achieve a maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
When the company was found, the production started at Ta Yang with types of spare parts, tractor spare parts such like fuel lines, rubber radiator hose reels, rubber chassis, and Auto suspension parts etc.

Later it was expanded to cover other industries. We produced the parts of machinery used in manufacturing product in:
Food industries
United Director Textile industries
Electronics industries
The art spa industries
Industrial packaging sizes

Our focus is to reduce production cost for customers and shorten the time to order material and various spare parts from abroad. The company has expanded and diversified to meet the needs of clients in the fields of machine parts. We do this by the production of various kinds of polymer from poly urethane plastics engineering (PE, PP, PVC, POM, Nylon, PTE, etc) We teach the skill to cover steel/ stainless steel/ aluminum/ brass for strength and durable polymer. Each type is used in different methods and appropriately use of the material will be advice. We would like to offer you the best products and service to customers for mutual benefit both in benefit in business and long-standing relationships.

Love one another as well as affordable price with quality supply as the availability of pearl parties.